Tybee & Savannah National Wildlife Reservation.

Alligators are the stars at the reservation. We visited in mid-March (during Spring break) which is a tad early. Mid-April is better. Still we saw (in addition to the big lizards): white ibis, glossy ibis, house swallows, coots, anhinga, osprey, great white egret, cattle egret, and blue heron.  And we weren’t particularly careful about it (there were several other birds we didn’t identify).

Not all the birds were natural. This shows what my cheap mirror lens can do.

This blue heron calmly waited for us to take his picture. (he was fishing).

On Tybee, the gulls were enjoying the washed up jellyfish, when they weren’t strolling about and begging for handouts.

Tybee beach.

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