Pulling a Dickens

I’ve been slowly working on a book set in the American Civil War and it’s immediate aftermath (the “reconstruction”). I decided to try releasing semi-monthly serial installments as Amazon “short reads”. I just released the first volume, “Caught by the Blue-Coats.”

The eventual goal is to write a series of 5-10 volumes, and then bind them up as a final work.
In the meantime, here’s the book’s blurb.

1864, Atlanta has fallen and the vandal hordes of Yankee mudsills are spreading through Georgia on their way to the sea. What is a patriotic young Southern woman, like Mary Cummings, to do? Stain herself dark brown with walnut juice and spy on them, of course. The trouble with walnut juice is that it doesn’t wash off. Normally, time would clear Mary’s skin, but she doesn’t have time. A detachment of union cavalry is on the way to her plantation outside of Covington.