New Cover and Book Promotion

Still a bit duff, but less duff than the old one.

The book itself will be free from Friday to Sunday.

After the Convergence is a cyberpunk/detective/romance set in the not too distant future. What happens when machines finally have consciousness? Society unwraps somewhat. Those who can manipulate the machines are valued. The rest, well, they’ll just have to shift for themselves. Some like the private investigator, Alan Blake, live at the edges of society, eking a living from the fringes. Alan takes on a case, finding a missing young woman, that shoves him deep into the muck.

After the Convergence is out for kindle

My latest, After the Convergence, a cyberpunk crime story set in a not too distant dystopia is now out for Kindle. I like the cover, a set of memory chips, a fedora (well almost) and a Glock.

The murder of his partner lands the hard-bitten private investigator Alan Blake in the middle of a complex international plot involving spies, crooks, resistance fighters, intelligent machines, and treacherous former loves. Never sure of what is the truth in a shadowy half-virtual world, he pursues the “missing person” case of an intelligent and beautiful young woman. A woman who was spirited away on the day she joined “The Academy.” How could she be hidden in a world where the omnipresent machines monitor everything you do and say? He searches the morally ambiguous fringes of society, only to find a human trafficking conspiracy dedicated to replacing the intelligent computers of today with ones made from humans. Can he rescue her before it is too late?

Voting with their clicks.

One interesting and potentially useful side effect of pitmad is the ranking of tweets by a set of more or less disinterested observers.

Since the fallback is to send the book to kindle scout as a sort of high-class preorder, this lets me pick the most effective one-liner.


I’m thinking of trying #PitMad on twitter. Apparently you can make up to 24 pitch attempts for your new, ready to go, and unpublished work. The idea is that you tweet a 140 (-7 -4) character tweet that sells your book and the agents who like it will let you know.  The tweets are tagged with #PitMad and #<type of book>

It’s one of those 80% investments with low odds, but high returns if it works.

My latest “After the Convergence” is ready. This is something of an accident, but one should never look a gift computer in the chips.

Now how to write 24 selling tweets. It’s harder than it sounds. I’m up to 13.

Here are a few of my better ones.

In a future where self-aware computers monitor their humans, PI Blake hacks his way to save a missing girl, only to find love. #PitMad #SFF

In a world where everything is watched, a hard boiled detective seeks a missing girl; finds more than he bargained for. #PitMad #SFF

After the convergence. A dead partner, a missing girl, rage against intelligent machines and a detective. #PitMad #R