A new book cover?

This is for one that I’ve been calling “Stone circles on the tor” or “Dartmoor story”.  It’s actually science fiction, set in Victorian time, within the same universe as “Cynthia the Invincible.” I’m trying for a bit of a Victorian vibe with it.

Illegal Aliens – blurb drafts.

We’ve been working on blurbs.

Here are a couple:

Buried, forgotten, something is stirring, awakening the old gods, restarting the old feuds. Called in as a working archaeologist to examine a block of Roman mortar found while digging the new underground, Roland Stevens is soon in the thick of it, buried in a tangled web of deception almost as deep as the ruins he studies. Still mourning his missing wife and son, disappeared into the wilds of Wales, he meets a mysterious young woman and the sparks fly. The fire they light changes the world.


Gods, Aliens, or merely Human? A rip in time and space awakens something forgotten and buried. Something best left alone. Left buried in the block of Roman concrete from the works on the new underground line. Consulting archaeologist Roland Stevens, called to examine, finds it the least of his troubles. Pulled into a tangled web of deception by a mysterious young woman, can he solve the mystery in time?

Any thoughts?

Draft cover

This shows a draft cover for the sci-fi-fantasy-romance that my co-author and I have put together. It’s what were doing right now for weekend writing warriors. I’ve also put a couple of chapters up on here

More Progress.

A decent cover and a much better title. Will be putting it up on Authonomy soon. (It’s there but needs updating and release, but they’ve approved me as a non-spam author. What do they have against processed pork products?)

Progress, I guess.

I finished the first draft of my latest. It’s on writeon (there’s not a way to give it a link), and maybe Authonomy.  I’ve changed the title, and have a not ready for prime time cover.

So it’s a step forward, but not as far as I’d like. Anyway, if someone is so daft as to want to read it, I’d be happy to send an advance copy.

New Cover and Book Promotion

Still a bit duff, but less duff than the old one.

The book itself will be free from Friday to Sunday.

After the Convergence is a cyberpunk/detective/romance set in the not too distant future. What happens when machines finally have consciousness? Society unwraps somewhat. Those who can manipulate the machines are valued. The rest, well, they’ll just have to shift for themselves. Some like the private investigator, Alan Blake, live at the edges of society, eking a living from the fringes. Alan takes on a case, finding a missing young woman, that shoves him deep into the muck.

Cover Draft for “After the Convergence”

There are a couple of minor errors, I’m not happy about the font, and still thinking whether this is too obscure and daft a title. But I like the image.