The Chicken Barons

My next release The Chicken Barons is available for preorder on Kindle.
This is the second installment of “From the Ashes” and will be released one month after the first. 

From the short blurb:

1870. The war may be over, but its consequences are not. Mary Cummings can’t raise cotton without her ‘servant’s, but she and her half-sister Sally scrape by with chickens, eggs, and vegetables. Rebuilding the South requires Northern capital and expertise. Ex-officers from Sherman’s vandal hoards are in demand because they know the land and have the organizational skill to run the railroads. A loose shoe strands one at the Cummings strangely familiar farm.

and a bit more:
Daniel Patrick is using his organizational skills and local knowledge to rebuild the railroads in the south. He and his good friend from the army, George Oats, survey the line from Atlanta to Augusta. The line runs (and still does) just north of Covington. While fording the Yellow River, his horse loses a shoe and becomes lame. He walks it to a nearby farm and waits for the occupants in the hope that they can point him to a smith or farrier.
The farm seems familiar from his time as one of “Sherman’s Vandals”, but 1864 was a long time ago. Nonetheless the woman who has haunted his dreams is there and they quickly make up for lost time.

There’s more action than this, but I’d like to leave something out of the blurb to keep the mystery of the book.