Review of Sweet Dreams by Jennifer Senhaji

Sweet Dreams is a well-written hot, sensual, and sexy tale of love. Written in the first person, it is a point of view story of the developing love between the narrator and the handsome A-list actor Jacob Walker. Jake and the narrator, Jenna, first meet in an elevator when she is on the way to consult with her attorney. Jake tracks her down to her cafe, the Sweet Dreams Cafe, and their love percolates over $5 cups of coffee and blueberry muffins. Eventually, he shows up at closing and walks her home. Even actors can be shy, and it takes them more than a few false starts and tribulations to establish their friendship. It almost doesn’t work out but-. Well, I’m not going to spoil the plot in a review. Let’s just say Que dice “Hot, sexy and a great read” en l’Italiano.

A reveiw of The Only Way Out by Don De Lene.

A spiritual journey on the way to the Moon and Mars, via the Australian outback and Palestine. The protagonists illustrate the value and power of forgiveness in life. The power of forgiving yourself, your neighbors and your enemies. Hannah, the main protagonist, is selected for the mission because of her unique ability to capture the essential nature of what she photographs. The blessings she gives others are returned to her in droves by the power within.

Book Review: A mom’s point of view

Heartfelt clear and useful advice for young adults that reflects a mother’s love and concern. “A Mom’s Point of View” covers many of the things you need to know when you’re starting out on your own. This book can save the reader untold headaches, and her parents untold panicky late night phone calls for help. Its strongest section is on financial advice. It describes common pitfalls involving credit, loans, and other financial facts of life, and suggests realistic strategies to avoid falling into them.
Another place where the book shines is in its advice on food, kitchens, household items and meal planning. Having seen my share of college dorms and student kitchens, the book ought to be on the required reading list at many universities.
Near the end, she says “Smiling is Essential.” I cannot think of any better advice for living. 
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