Lyon is an interesting city. Contrary to the French stereotype, the people are friendly and we’ve had no trouble with our limited French. There is a dearth of air conditioning which is problematic in 33-34 degree weather, but it does cool down at night.

The architecture reminds me of California and Italy, with the exception of the Hotel d’Ville (city hall) which clearly inspired city hall in Philadelphia. I say inspired, but less charitably could say plagiarized.

The Metro system is a marvel. It is fast, moderately clean (there is a smell), and reminds me of a cross between the London tube and Marta. It uses paper tickets the way the Tube used to (before Oyster cards). e5.50 per day.

We explored the Roman, alright Gallo-Romain ruins above the old city (Vielle Lyon). (Using the Funicular railway). Then we descended to Vielle Lyon for a Glace (ice cream, dashed good chocolate ice cream, with dashed good chocolate sauce and heaps of Chantilly (whipped cream).

For those of you who are Three Musketeer fans – Henry IV married Mary de Medici in the Cathedral de Sant Jean in Vielle Lyon.

Field Research

I’ve been writing, at least when i’m writing regency stories, from the English or British viewpoint. You know, where the French are devil incarnate. While Napoleon, who his own soldiers called “le Chapeau” (the hat) which is vaguely – more than vaguely rude, really was a despicable character, the majority of the French were not.

So I’m tagging along on a trip where my co-author is talking about Restricted Boltzmann Machines. He’ll be occupied with computer stuff and I’ll look around for culture, ambiance and (one hopes) good food.