Birth of a new business.

Very preliminary, but we’re announcing Treadco – bespoke machine learning and datamining for the discriminating user.

The name and form might change, but we specialize in highly efficient and highly accurate machine learning and data analysis.

  • Generative models such at the Restricted Boltzmann Machine. Our algorithm is 14 or more times faster than the standard approach. This makes it fast enough to implement in javascript or other interpreted languages and still get results in near real time. Web-based data analysis anyone?
  • Fuzzy and probabilistic/possibilistic modeling. Correct handling of uncertainty in both the independent and dependent data improves the robustness of the models.
  • Big supervised or unsupervised data problems.
  • Model development. Not sure what’s best? Ask us.

Under Construction.

We’re building a new website as I type. Well, sort of.

I’ve reorganized the books page to display by category rather than which of us took the blame for it.

The other thing we’ve done is to write a landing page. Eventually there will be one for each book, coupled to newsletter signups and instafreebie, but for now you can see the one for Cynthia the Invincible.

They’re built using twitter bootstrap – so they will scale on multiple devices and be somewhat robust. Like the house on the header image, it is a modular approach to building a web page.

I am available for consultations.