Reunion blues (personal and trivial)

Or why my plots always have a dark element in them.

My high school class just had its nth reunion. Big whoops. It brought back a whole flood of unpleasant memories.  Unfortunately enough of the information leaked into my social media that I could not escape it.

I hated the place and could not wait to get out. University (Go Nittany Lions!) was a revelation and a blast. It was so nice to be evaluated on performance and not social niceties. I may have been an odd duck, but an odd duck who could read your paper in poli-sci (not my major) and help you get an A was an accepted odd duck.

My blues started when someone posted “Let’s party like it’s <some year> again!”

Yeah, right. I didn’t party then, being the fat unpopular kid. Why would I ever want to relive that?

I didn’t want to block the unending stream of pictures from social events and friends that weren’t. I should have.

I’ve gone out and done something with my life. There are people alive because of my real-world research. Better than selling f****ing cars, any day by any rational measure.

Author: Amelia

A mild-mannered professor of computer science in real-life, I remove my glasses in the evening to become, well, a mild-mannered author in my alternate reality. I mostly write sweet romantic fiction, although with an occasional science-fiction or paranormal angle thrown in. I have interests in history, mathematics (D'oh), and cryptography. I'm also something of an Anglophile, and know that country pretty well. In addition to writing, research, and more writing, I volunteer with the scouts. I'm something of a nature-nut, enjoying long walks in the country with almost ultra-light gear, boating, and identifying wildlife.

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